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Our amazing place was founded on December 2021. It's like nature sanctuary - you can find here singing birds, dancing peacocks, playing monkeys in the trees. Just 5 minutes walking  distance to a wonderful wild beach, where you can take a fresh shower of ocean water or to watch turtles and their babies. Visit us for a peaceful and relaxing time.

The Lookout Lodge is near amazing beach, called Turtle watch Rekawa beach. You can find here lots of things, check our gallery and feel it or better just come and explore it by yourself.
GintareBusiness manager
Welcome to the Lookout Lodge - a little corner of paradise with a beautiful private jungle garden in a small Rekawa village.
Here You will find everything You need for Your comfortable stay - well equipped rooms with big private balconies surrounded by amazing nature and hundreds of bird sounds, just 600 m far from wonderful wild beach and much more. 
Visit us and let the calmness of nature to soothe You and help to relax and enjoy Your stay in Sri lanka.
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